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My Dance Exam by Holly


During the half term holidays, I performed my dance exams at the Welfare Hall. I had to wear a leotard and have my hair in a bun, I also wore a little bit of make-up.

I handed the examiner my result papers when I went in. First, I preformed my stage routine for my Pre Bronze grade. We were marked for our appearance, rhythm and posture. I achieved 94 marks out of 100 and got an honours pass.

Next, I had my contemporary freestyle, but I only needed to do a dance. I recieved my results today and for my contemporary freestyle I achieved 96 marks out of 100 and again got an honours pass.

Soon we will be performing in front of our parents at an award ceremony, where we will also receive our trophies.


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Budding jewellery designers


We have had a great time designing our own Anglo Saxon jewellery.

Watch this space at a future date to see the finished products.



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second place in skiing


On Saturday the 7th of March, I entered a skiing race where we each did three races of salmon. But there were three people in elite which is my group in polar bear ski club. Then I came in second place and got a silver medal.

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My Lovely Family by Nathan


My lovely family are the best family in the world,
My Mam looks lovely when her hair is curled.
My Sister is really pretty,
So I will buy her a little kitty.
My dad is nearly bald,
When he got in the car, he stalled.

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Decorating Easter Eggs


image image image image

We had a great time decorating our eggs. There were a few disappointments when some of them broke but we loved our successes. Mrs Hood even gave us Easter egg prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd!

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Well done Year 4! By Mrs McGough


Great to see all of your writing on the blog! Keep up the super work!

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Multiskills Madness at Witton Gilbert by Holly and Sienna


On Tuesday 10th February, all of year four and their teachers travelled to Witton Gilbert Primary School by coach. The purpose of this visit, was to take part in an exciting multiskills event.

First, we all boarded the coach at 9:05 am, and we arrived at Witton Gilbert Primary School 9:25 am. The way into the school office was down a narrow path, which we walked on speedily.

Next we assembled into the hall and, because we all walked in hurriedly, we were the first school there. Surprisingly, even Witton Gilbert school still had not entered the hall. Once all the schools had arrived and entered the hall, we were all sorted into six groups, group one, two, three, four, five and six. I was in group one.

The events were organized as a carousel, and my first activity was SAQ (speed, agility and quality). We did star jumps over the hoops, skipping with the hoops, hula hooping and running through ladders but at the end of SAQ, kye slipped over on the frost and landed on his back, we thought it was hilarious. We did these activities with Ryan.

After SAQ, we had athletics with Dan. We have done relay races in our teams. I was placed in a team with Leon ( although he had to sit out because he felt poorly ) , kye and max. We also have also done throwing shotputs and whistlers.

After athletics, we had football with a P.E teacher I did not recognise. There were only three year four girls (Sophie, Erin and me) so we played against three year five girls. Luckily, we won 5-0. I scored three goals and Sophie scored two, Erin was our goal keeper.

Then, we had orienteering with Aaron, which involved finding letters around Witton Gilbert school by using a map with pictures of the school on. There were six letters in total.

After orienteering we played badminton with Andrew, and at first I was a sub but then I was replaced with kye, but then kye was replaced with Luke. I heard Andrew ask what Luke’s name was and he replied, ‘’Bob.’’ Andrew believed him until I told him his name was Luke and he believed me. I hit the shuttlecock fifteen times whish surprised me immensely.

Finally, we played bench ball and sadly, out team lost 3-1 in our first round and in our second round we lost 2-1 which is a slightly higher score. I did not really enjoy bench ball.

I enjoyed badminton best and I am looking forward to holding a similar event here. I also made a new friend called Sophie who was from Witton Gilbert.

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My Letter To Henry by Olivia


hampton court palace London
1547 July
My Dearest Henry,
I am extremely happy that you still have me as a wife .I remember when we got married on the 5th of September 1548 at St Marys chapel. You wore your father’s suit that he wore for his wedding. Do you still remember this day as well as I do? Henry, I really want to know why you a not with your other wives like Jane Seymour Anne of Cleves they are both very nice people .Anyway I was wondering how you are feeling?
Yours faithfully,
Your loving wife , Katherine Par
By Olivia

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Multiskills Madness By Bryan & Luke


On Tuesday, 10th February, I went to Witton Gilbert to take part in a multiskills event with Mrs Hood, Mrs Elliot, Mrs Chatterton and some other schools.

Firstly we boarded the bus at 9.05am. Zane and I both managed to take the front seats next to Mrs Hood and Mrs Elliot. We were there at about 9.30am and, I think, were the first school to get there. Soon, when Steven and his team arrived we were put into six groups.

The first event group one did was SAQ (speed, agility and quality). We did sequences with hula hoops star jumps and ladders and at the end we did a little race.

Next, we did athletics with Dan. We did relay races, whistlers and the shotput. I managed to throw both the shotput and the whistler past the line.

After that, it was football boys on one pitch, girls on the other. Unfortunately our team lost 2-1 but I still had loads of fun.

Soon after the match it was orienteering which was a bit like a treasure hunt where you had to find letters in places such as on bins and within obstacle courses. We did well because we finished the first and second page.

Right next to the orienteering was the slippy badminton court where when Andy said, “What’s your name?” to me I replied, “Bob”, and he believed me until Holly told him my real name.

The last event of the day was benchball with Daron so we put down our coats and started to play. Later we tried and tried but we still didn’t get a single point!

After all of the super fun events, it was time to go back to school. I enjoyed athletics best and I would like to go to Witton Gilbert again and perhaps they could come to our school.

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The Shirt Machine! by Zane and Caitlyn



The shirt machine is an amazing invention that makes all kinds of shirts like musical shirts, colourful shirts, flying shirts and invisible shirts and many more it does not make them out of fabric or thread and now it is going to make a shirt for Santa. The machine is powered by a huge moter that moves so fast it takes a muinite to make a shirt.
1.First of all you program the machine to make the shirt you want.
2.Then the shirt machine has a part called the collar cannon that shoots the collars onto the shirt.
3.After that a special sleeve tank wich has a tube connected to it shoots the sleeves onto the shirt and connects it to the shirt.
4.Then a part called the cuff launcher 9000 launches the cuffs onto the sleeves.
5.After, the buttonater shoots the buttons at insane speed onto the shirt.
6.Next a potion goes in a slot at the top and the shirt and the potion goes into a mixer and the potion soaks into the shirt.
when Santa gets this shirt it will be wrapped in polka dot paper (very neatly wrapped) ready to be posted to the north pole.

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